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Originally Posted by CorrosionX
The Phpmyadmin asks me for user/password but none of my ISPConfig passwords work.
You cannot login with the ISPConfig passwords to phpmyadmin. Use your root mysql username and password as admininistrator account and the passwords / usernames you entered when you created a new database in ISPConfig for the client databases.

I plan to bring the server to the office and set up port forwarding 80 to that server. But then what should I do?
Forward your domains to that server.

I know I'll have to point my domain names to the IP of the nameserver (which I think is gonna be the same server, right?)
Its the same if you want to use the nameserver that comes with your ISPConfig setup.

Will ISPconfig then know what domain name is requested and show the appropriate site?
Yes, because the vhosts are name based.

P.S.Is there some sort of "Going Live" tutorial for ISPConfig out there?
I dont think so.
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