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Default Same issue here

It seems as though the error comes up at the gcc comiler instance when PHP is being installed.

gcc is shown to be not ok/present (although installed ver gcc version 4.0.3 (Ubuntu 4.0.3-1ubuntu5))

After that, all modules (clamav.tar.gz, asp.tar.gz) show up as failed (could not stat -- file does not exist?)

Don't have the exact error anymore because I went straight back to look for the backups (which are gone, it seems?) and the system is broken...

Before "Lex" was shown to be found, "Gcc" was found, too...

Exact message from log:

Wed Nov 22 18:20:37 SAST 2006 - [ISPConfig] - deleted directory /root/ispconfig/
Wed Nov 22 18:30:31 SAST 2006 - [ISPConfig] - WARNING: could not unpack ISPConfig system
Wed Nov 22 18:30:38 SAST 2006 - [ISPConfig] - ERROR: The PHP binary coming with
ISPConfig does not work properly on your system! The installation routine stops

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