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I figured it out!
After reading so much about the several ways to set up RAID I've learn some stuff, and I understood what was my error.
The first time I tried, I wanted to create the RAID devices from the Base Setup in the partitioner program, all I did was to set the whole HD to be RAID autodetect, and when I tried to make partitions on it, it failed at the mkfs stage.
Now what I did was to set up a few partitions as I wanted them to be, exactly the same in all the disks, as follows
/dev/sdx (x=a,b,c...) first partition for /boot=64MB, second partition 512MB for swap, third partition all the rest, for root.
After creating the same partitions on all disks, I went to the RAID menu, and created a new device, RAID1 for /boot (IT HAS TO BE RAID1, NOT 5!!!) that is built up from the first partition of every disk (/dev/sda1, /dev/sdb1, /dev/sdc1) and then I set it up to be used as ext3 and mounted as /boot, and so on with the rest, just that all the other partitions were set as RAID5.
The only funny thing is that I made the swap be also on RAID5, so I came up with a swap partition of... 1GB!, is it bad? I don't think it would be a problem...
Anyway, thanks for your brief reply, and don't bother to try.
Now the question is, will I be able to add more disks to a live RAID5 device?
There is a posibility that a friend of me will bring me more disks of the same type, and I'd like to add a few extra Gigs to the data folders...

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