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Default follow up question

Originally Posted by till
1) When you install the roundcube .pkk for ISPComfig you will be able to use this for all of your customers.
? Will the option to install RoundCube on a site, show up in the site creation menu?

2) As smtp and pop3 server you can use any domain or IP pointing to this server, The pop3 and smtp username has the form web[ID]_username which you entered as you created a new email user.

? Ok, so the user name is a liitle more cryptic than I am used to. Are the servers name like for both pop3 and smtp? And, I assume the smtp requires authentication as username/password for sending emails -which is what I do want, right?

3) The .lng files are not changed by ISPCOnfig, when you edit the currency there, it will stay until you update ISPConfig to a higher version number. Maybe you changed the wrong .lng file, there is one file for every ISPConfig module.
? Which file or files do I need to edit? I do want to have my currency (CAD) as the 'global' (server-wide) currency, for all invoicing, products and services, etc.

Thanks again.
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