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Default Client Email Configuration

Quite impressed with the application so far. Have a few other servers on Ensim, and built this 5th server using ISPConfig on Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS.
I have been able to configure everything so far, and have a few "test site" running just fine, with email accounts, database, etc.
Here are my questions:
I can send and receive email from the ISPConfig interface? I have not yet installed a web mail client.
1. I am thinking of using either RoundCube or AlohaMail as opposed to Squirrell -which I have on the other servers and is so UGLY. Which is the recommended options for multiple sites and a good combination of ease of use for the end user and installation of each site or server wide. Does it add an options in the "setup new site interface?
2. The vast majority of my clients and end users do not use Webmail on a regular basis. What are the settings for email clients like Outlook, Evolution, Entourage, Thunderbird, etc? Email account name, server(s) name, smtp, pop, etc??? I tried different configuration and the connection to the server was rejected.
3. I tried to change the Currency by editing the en.lng file as recommended on this forum, but the setting are not sticking. The file is updated and changed but the site admin (invoice creation and products interface still show EURO instead of my preferred currency?

Thanks again for such a great job on this application.
Alain Gauthier
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