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Post Same host 'www' at (n) domain at the same ip doesn't work

Maybe I've got a similar problem with bind9. Sorry, that I'm asking for that but I don't find an answer which fits my probs.

I'm new to dns with Linux. Resp. I've got not much experience with it.

Unbuntu 6.06 Intranet Server
ISPConfig 2.7.7

Hostname: odin
Domainname: intranet.svc
After installation I'm logged in by Works.

I'd created a DNS Master Entry for the IP which listens for intranet.svc. Works.

Then I'd created a web.
www.intranet.home at IP Works after reboot of the server... Why? Maybe the refresh needs more time I'll spend to wait for it. Nevertheless:

Then I'd created a second web.
www.typo3.home at IP Doesn't work. Why?

I'd tried something. After a while I'd deleted the www A Record from typo3.home. NOW http://typo3.home works, but why? Maybe that bind don't like more than one A Record with the same name for the same IP. That's my mind. But how can i solve that Problem?

If I want to re-add the www A Record to the typo3.home domain an error occurs which means host is already in zone. It's to confusing for me. I read some summaries of official Bind9 docs. But I can't follow it.

For an accurate answer I'll thanks in advance.

Bye Chris

Sorry for my english... If you may help me for a better conversation please send me an IM with an error correction [for the german readers: 'Hauptschule 9. Klasse' ]

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