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Unhappy LAMP Installation On Ubuntu 6.06 For Linux Noobs - Startx problems

Greetings !

[Please be advised that I am a Linux noob ]

I downloaded the ubuntu server disc 6.06.1 (i386)

I chose "Install LAMP Server", configured networkmanually etc etc
and all this went smooth. After arriving at the prompt I entered:

apt-get update

apt get install ubuntu-desktop

at the end I got two timeouts on files:

and a suggestion to either run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing.

I tried apt-get update since i ddin't know where to apply --fix-missing
(should that be on apt-get install ubuntu-desktop ?)

I didn't get to reboot system as it says in the howto so I did it anyway (reboot). When I run "startx" is says "unkown command" :-(

Would like some instruction as to how to get x running, or to get some
choice to choose kde/gnome/prompt as I had in my old Mandrake.

Best regards, Genin
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