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Default RoundCube Webmail On Your ISPConfig Server Within 10 Easy Steps

I have followed the instructions at and the setup seems to be working fine as far as sending and receiving email. But I am having a problem when I set Personal Settings after I've logged into webmail. The problem is that after I make changes to personal settings and Save, when I log out and and back in again my settings have reverted back to previous settings (defaults?). The settings in question are Personal Indentity and Time Zone.

I have www.domain.tld with a sub domain of webmail.domain.tld. The email user account I am using was created under www.domain.tld in ISPConfig before I set up Roundcube and is not an account created in webmail.domain.tld. This seems to be an important disctinction because when I use an email account created under webmail.domain.tld and login, make changes to settings, log out and back in again, the changes stay.

So for instance, testuser@domain.tld can login into webmail using either testuser@domain.tld or web1_testuser and send and receive email. But after making changes to Personal Settings, the changes always revert back to original settings after next login.

testuser@webmail.domain.tld can log in and send and receive email, make changes to Personal Settings and the changes stay after next login.

It seems there is a disconnect between users of webmail.domain.tld and domain.tld. Might this be in the config files of roundcube? To note: When I set up mysql, I used the webmail.domain.tld myslq db (web2_u1, web2_db1). Of course, domain.tld is web1_u1 and web_db1. Maybe I have to set roundcube up to look at users from domain.tld in addtion to webmail.domain.tld?
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