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Default ISPConfig Backup problem


I am currently running ISPConfig 2.2.7 on Debian sarge with around 15 sites.
I want to make a backup of all my sites with all databases to store them off line. When i try to run the backup feature of ISPConfig it will run for some time (few minutes) and then it will offer me a download of "backup.php". I tried both download and ftp but both don't seem to work for me. It always stops after zipping web9 (I can find these zip files in the temp directory of ISPConfig).

Any ideas? Is the backup to large?

Would it maybe be possible to change the backup feature to add an option to store the backup on the server and after it completes showing all backups ever made and give the option what to do with it? download or maybe upload to an ftp? Maybe also an option to store ftp information to easily select the correct ftp server to transfer the backup to (do you don't have to provide login information all the time).

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