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Default Perfect Debian 3.1 failed of the E-MAIL Server

Hi all,

I reference below URL to setting up the debian's Postfix, P.S. I just ONLY follow the Postfix part, since I not need DNS, apache, MYSQL on a E-mail only server ....

But after all thing setting and connect the Debian to the Internet, can ping it ...

But in Outlook Express, both POP3 and SMTP also not working ....

Do have another way to install a e-mail only server easy for newbie??

And I had installed nmap, so I enter "nmap localhost"
POP 110
POPS 995
also opening ....

So I am lost of idea what is wrong or setting wrong on following the perfect Debian install ...

Anyone can give me some hint how to setting the Outlook to connect?? Since this only have the setting, haven't teach you how to setting the e-mail client for a example ...

For newbie system admin, it will feeling hard to follow ...
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