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Default Centos 4.4 32bit Hangs, High Server load

Hi I just recently rebuilt my centos server using an IBM Netvista with a 1GB of ram, P4 2.8 GHZ, 250 GB HD Raid (Mirror) Thru a 3ware card. This was running centos 4.3 before nicely for a few months, until I installed some apache/php/mysql things(recently) and the system started to become inoperable with the system time falling behind the hardware time, so I made an attempt to rebuild the server.

I installed centos 4.4, I am running php4.4.x, apache 2.0.52, postfix, etc. I have installed ISPconfig, nothing really out of the ordinary.

Since the latest install the system runs great after a reboot for an hour to several hours before the load appears to rise, and when I check the time the system time starts to fall way behind the hardware time.

Also when I look at the processes in webmin, when the load appears to rise, I don't see it listed in the list of processes, it says 0.0% for all of them down the list.

Anyone please help, and when I choose to reboot, I usually have to Power it off hard, because the reboot takes maybe somewhere between 1-10 minutes to stop each process. So it could/would take somewhere fro 10minutes to hours to reboot this machine if it ever followed the reboot command.

This is urgent as this is for a production server, please help. It is a brand new install, so I don't think it has been compromised.
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