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Originally Posted by eldaria
Is there perhaps a developer here who knows how ISP config behaves when importing an existing database into a clean system?

Does it create all the nessesary directories and entries in files?
ISPConfig does not recreate the items when you import a existing database, but you can manipulate the ISPConfig database to let ISPConfig behave like the webs where newly added and it will make the directories and users for you.

1) Install the same ISPConfig version then on your old system.
2) Make a backup of the new database, then replace everything in your new database with the data from your old database exxept of the tables isp_server, doctype and isp_server_ip.
3) Use e.g. phpmyadmin to set the field "status" to the value "n" (n = new) in the tables:


4) Change one value in one website, e.g. the quota value in the ISPConfig interface and ISPConfig will start to write all websites and users to disk again.

The only thing ISPConfig is not able to restore are the passwords for the users as they are not stored in the ISPConfig database, they are only stored in /etc/shadow and if I read the thread correctly you have lost this file?
Till Brehm
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