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Tis been a long time since i toched fedora. but i think with *the* google help, you can find a way to install the driver either from the fedora repo or the fedora dvd.

But first thing you need to do is go in the bios and enable AGP/PCI video card as your default video card. Assuming you mother board supports such bios setting. When you load windows, it should drop you in 16bit video mode and you can install the driver from there.

In fedora, it is a little more tricky and you might need an extra computer to browse the internet next to your linux install. Linux doesn't have a "safe mode", so all it will do is let you stare at a black screen terminal. You'll need to go to your other computer and google a how to about installing the nvidia drive from command prompt. There should be plenty, unless anyone here knows the exact command and the correct repo where the drivers are stored.
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