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Angry add-on agp configuration

i recently
installed linux fedora core 4 on my machine as a dual
boot with my win xp-i have no experience with linux
this is my first time with linux-i encountered a
problem-wen on xp my intel chiped(845 series) i845g
AMI motherboard has an onboard vga but still has an
addon slot for agp-wen installing addon i had to first
diable the onboard(bios) then uninstall driver befor
installing addon other wise comp would go blank during
boot-following this procedure would solve. on linux i
hav no idea what to do since board docs were designed
for windows-linux does not boot all the way-gives many
numbers-dont understand but insatlled fine-with
onboard vga, linux boot is fine all the way
can you help me know how to solve on linux? the
onboard vga is pathetic 8mb-i have nvidia geforce4 mx440 8x agp
thank you
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