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Default gpar2, installed wrong package help please

Hi all running Fedora 6 on x86_64.
I installed the wrong package for gpar2
I installed the .i386 version, I cannt remove it yet, I need to remove to install the 64bit version of gpar2.
here are the errors I am getting and info on my problem:

[root@localhost /]# rpm -qa gpar2
[root@localhost /]#rpm -e gpar2-0.3-2
postrm called with unknown argument `0'
error: %postun(gpar2-0.3-2.i386) scriptlet failed, exit status 1

#rpm -e --force gpar2-0.3-2.i686
rpm: only installation, upgrading, rmsource and rmspec may be forced

so I thought that meant I had to try and force the new 64 bit rpm install, I prolly just made things 110% worse now I have both the 32bit and 64 bit installed. neither works yet.

rpm -qa | grep gpar2
I also try to yum -y remove
either package.

gpar2 x86_64 0.3-2 installed 107 k
gpar2 i386 0.3-2 installed 96 k

Any suggestions?
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