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Default Joomla images doesn't show off !

Immages on my site doesn't show off ,check url: to be precise images inside $DocumentRoot/images/* .So,no banners,no smilies,no joomla logo nothing from images dir down to the others directories.I tried with all file permissions possible also a straight 777 -R and all files and dirs are owned by apache user.The $DocumentRoot is also apache user homedir.
I run a debian stable kernel 2.6 with apache 1.3.There is a thread started about this on
Unfortunaly it's in italian , but it is nearly a mounth i'm struggling on this and also people from gave up on my post.
I just bought my machine it is a cpu intel 2.5ghz , it's a fresh debian installation and i can't figure out what can stop images from showing off !I also tried a test virtual host with a index.html pointig to load first an image from the joomla dir in question and it didn't work but it did from a dedicated document dir for the test virtualhost .
This site was on https in the first place than i got advised to change protocol so i went to http , i also changed cms from joomla1.5 beta(somebody sayd it handles https better ) to the latest mambo.
So the images dir in the joomla documentroot doesn't show but a normal index.html does from a dedicated test document root.
Thanks !
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