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Default Postfix on FC5 w/Virtual Domains: Adding Mailman to Multiple Domains


I loved the tutorial on setting up postfix with FC5. Made a multi-day exercise in frustration boil down to an hour of fiddling :-)

However, I have a question related to this: I'm installing mailman afterwards and I want mailing lists for all vhosts. Let's say I've got:

dom1.ain, dom2.ain, and dom3.ain in addition to (the box hostname).

How do I add a new mailing list for a domain OTHER than I don't see any way to specify one of the others (since it automatically maps to the name of the list).

I apologize since I know this isn't strictly within the confines of the howto, but it seems that the virtual domains are the "catch" in configuring mailman this way, so I was hoping that perhaps someone here had solved this riddle. Thanks!
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