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Hi Ronee: Did this happen on your first site to be created, or on a 2nd, 3rd, etc. site? The issue for me only occurred on the first one I tried.

Hi Till: Thanks for your help. Yes, like Ronee I checked every recycle bin, and performed searches throughout the admin tool. Nothing there. In my case, the data in web_host is "www" and in web_domain is the domain I'm trying to add. Interestingly, this one record also has a value of "n" in the status field, where the others (live sites that are working) appear to have a null value.

I performed a test by altering the the web_domain value by one letter (i.e., "" to "" to see if I could then create a new site using the domain I'm trying to work with, and it worked! My thought was this would be a less destructive way to see if that's the issue than actually deleting the record and breaking any relationships that might exist.

So good...although that I'm sure this is not the ideal solution.

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