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I think we should just go with Smarty, then have a default killer skin. Maybe put some word out on SF for a graphical designer, so we could have a great look like or whatever..

But yeah, um ; to all developers; Please, if wanting to take up or edit a task, edit this post and add your developer/name to next to the bullet point .. Eg [ Spum, till, etc ].

Also, i'm working on a page that shows comparisons between cPanel, Plesk and ISPconfig. for now, i'm just leaving it at that so we can get a GENERAL outline of what features we're missing.

Once we've got that, we can just generally brainstorm ideas as to features which would be useful, with of course, the focus being put on user confort and ease of use.

But yep, with that, we'll also have a TODO list of sorts, so then i can get cracking ;-). With a bit of elbow grease, and a few months, we can steer this mighty ship to the shores of cPanel..

Arr, there we pillage, plunder and tear asunder all that we see, and then bury the treasure under ye olde x-marks-the spot. then ye shall rejoice under the blue flag of ISPconfig :-)



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