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Default TODO List?

Well, i dont know where to post, so i'll just put one here;

  • PostgreSQL
  • Firebird
  • Other RDBMS's
  • Coldfusion?
  • ASP/ASP.NET (ApacheASP.. I think it was called)
  • Ruby
  • Perl / CGI
  • HULA
  • Qmail
Note: postgreSQL, Firebird and Perl are already being worked on for the automated installer!

I'll look into the others, like coldfusion, ASP.Net/ASP for compatibility with apache. As for ruby, mod_ruby looks pretty good.

  • Virtuozzo/Fantastico Style Webapp management/installation.
  • Crontab Management?
  • Billing / Accounts Management
  • Paypal Integration / Nochex / etc

Extensions (Eg - of existing functions, and so on)
  • User rights management[/I] - Assign specific permissions for users and user groups.

Delete if some already exist

Plesk's feature list

cPanel's feature list

Err... enjoy..!

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