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Well, it works so far, it's still not finished, but it works quite well.. I'velisted the "core apps" which need to be installed, and the others are optional apps (postgresql and so on).

But yep, working well so far :-) I just made it for PHP that there are core modules that it must be compiled with, but the user can select what it gets compiled with, depending on what packages they have selected, and such and such

As for the "web" thing; It seems alright, but i'll take a look around it when i've got free time after completing these things.

The next thing i'll work on is the "fantastico" style app. All i'll need to do is compile a list of web-apps, and then find out what configuration they require.. I've already done it with eg; phpbb,drupal, mambo and so on, but the idea i wanted for it was;

1) System downloads / user downloads supported version of x webapp as tar.gz
2) Whenever the installation is requested from user or admin, then the script uses exec to tar it into the user's dir as they specified, and uses the config info they inputted to replace config files, and then the app will run perfectly ;-)

I have an "alpha" of this that i already tried out.. Seemed to work perfectly well, just with exec and mySQL/postgreSQL functions in PHP.

Another idea that may be good, is to list the features that other HCP's have, such as Plesk, Ensim, and cPanel, and then see if we can go above and beyond that.. If i'm given a TODO list, i can get cracking on mostly anything you throw at me, so it would be a good idea to do this, i think :-)

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