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Question Still AHHHHHHHH

Okay, I did take care of the erros that were poping. Now everything seemed fine.. I created a user etc.. I sent from my Laptop to it and from webmail and also sent to another account.. The emails went out ok (so I thought) but they are no where to be found... I am really confused here...

My set up is modeled after the howto page with minor diff.. Well not so minor and perhaps that is my problem.. Anyway, here are the diffs..
I created the home deirectory under a larger drive not /home/vmail.. /myurl/vmail. and I am using this system for every server need. That is http, ftp, samba, email and as a router.. All others are working except (samba) but I will start that after all is okay.
By the way ( I am using FC5 64 ) I will post log files as soon as I know whic ones to look at.. or am asked to by some kind person with patients of a god... Well I will check back here again.. Thanks in advance
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