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Originally Posted by mphayesuk
How about a way to interconnect more than one server running ISPConfig.

You will hate me for saying this but like the way that Active Directory can replicate to other servers in case one of the servers dies. Granted keeping a copy of the customer web data is asking too much and will take up too much space, but keeping a copy of the customer account details and passwords ect... would be very handy.
This can be achieved with the new Setup and this is one of the reasons why i chose the mysql based way. When all the configuration data is stored in the database, you can use the MYSQL database replication features to "clone" the setup. The new framework for ISPConfig that I'am currently working on has also a feature that i named datalog, it logs all changes of the mySQL database and can replay these changes to one or more external databases without needing the mysql replication faetures. The administrator can use the datalog also as an unlimited undo function if enabled.
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