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Default ISPConfig Roadmap

Here is my idea of an ISPConfig roadmap. Please feel
free to comment it and post your Ideas.

ISPConfig 2.x releases

- Support for new linux distributions like Gentoo, Slackware etc.
- Smaller feature and usability enhancements

ISPConfig 3.x releases

The ISPConfig 3.x series will be a major rewrite of the application
to solve many problems that cannot be solved with the current framework.

- Switch from a config file based approach to configure the daemons
to a SQL database backend. This will improve scalability of the
application and makes it possible to manage more than one server
with the controlpanel.

My idea is to build this around the following programs

Mailserver: exim as default.
Why? Exim is easier to configure and install then postfix e.g. no SASL needed for smtp
auth, maildrop not needed for sql based mailquota, for SQL based autoresponders i
have not found a solution for postfix at all (please correct me if you know one).
As alternative postfix with SQL, but postfix needs much more
helper programs and system configuration to work. And when you look at the forums
you can see which problems this often causes even if the howtos are used.
For exim only one binary and one config file is needed for all the functionality
(OK, and a start script )

Webserver: Apache2

Are there any better and stable SQL based DNS servers available?

Database Server: MySQL as default
Also support for Postgres, Firebird will be nice.

FTP Server: ProFTPD and maybe pureftpd

Global changes in how ISPConfig works:

- separate Email, FTP and Shell user accounts.
- You can select for each website on which server it is hosted,
same for email domains. Email and Websites can be on different servers.
- Email accounts are separaeted from websites, you can have email
only accounts.

And many other of the feature requests from the forum ...

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