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Default Log for Debugging

Hi All,

I'm a newbie and followed perfect setup for ubuntu 6.06 with ispconfig and relayhost (relaying mails).

All went fine for the first 5 days, then my mail all of sudden doesn't reach its recipient. I check the syslog and it say "status=sent". What I would like to know is how and where to troubleshoot and what software is responsible for what process?

As far as I know, all logs are suppose to be under /etc/log/ but there are so many log files and I don't know where to look for. And the syslog is not very much detailed.

How can I make each software (apache, mysql, postfix, spam, courier, procmail, bind dns, proftpd, pop3, smtp, imap, etc.) provide complete debug or perhaps control the level of debug info? and where are each log are stored?

I believe this info would be useful to all newbies like me.

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