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Originally Posted by falko
Is this what you're currently using?

Originally Posted by falko
You can set up reverse proxies with Apache as well:
OK, I just worked on this, following the documentation you linked to above. I am able to get to the main index of my other servers (TivoWebPlus on my various TiVos), but any redirects screw me up.

The way TWP works, if you click on a link that operates a separate module, it redirects you to the relevant address (i.e., clicking on "User Interface" takes you to

The problem with the way Apache seems to do reverse proxies is that this causes a problem (i.e., clicking on "User Interface" takes you to, which does not exist). Is there a way to tell Apache to stay on the servers behind the firewall? What use is this if it keeps pushing you back out to the public server?
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