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Default Drupal Multi-site and ISPConfig redirects -- linux solution!

I'm working on "Ubuntu 6.06 LTS ISP Server Setup" and have a default "Drupal CMS On An ISPConfig Server Within 10 Easy Steps"

I have a site http://abcd, configured in ISPConfig, this works fine.

Now i would like to enable a site http://abcd/def which will have its own Drupal table_prefixes, users, modules, themes - basically a site by itself.

The steps i followed were:
- Modified settings. php as in previous post

- Created a new site http://abcd/def
- In Co-domains, clicked on site and set up forward to the web doc root of http://abcd

NO DICE !! But a command line implementation worked ...

cd /var/www/web5/web
ln -s . def

That allows the web server to serve requests to the "def" subdirectory from the main drupal directory. The conceptual leap for me was that the "def" subdirectory is virtual: it only exists in Drupal's database, but if you want to send people to it, the webserver needs to have directions.

I'm sure there is a more sophisticated way to do this using .htaccess or perhaps even ISPConfig, but thought I would share my solution. It's quick!


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