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Default Another Drupal sub-domain question

Here's one that has me stumped: "Do I need to configure ISPCONFIG to see Drupal 'sub-domains' ?"

Drupal is extracted right in the /var/www/web5/web directory. I chose Drupal because of it's multisite feature, which seems like it doesn't require an actual subdirectory to the web root directory, but something isn't working. The drupal "sub-domains" are sharing a database with unique headers, and their URLS are configured like this:

drupal/sites/abcd/settings.php ...
$base_url = "http://abcd"
drupal/sites/abcd.def/settings.php ...
$base_url = "http://abcd/def"

But I get "page not found" Do I need to configure co-domains or new domains in ISPCONFIG for this to resolve properly?

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