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Default double apache installation (with php)

i have a problem . hope i can get an answer here . i am developing a control panel for hosting providers , in php ! this means a lot of problems with permissions so i decided to run the panel on a separate minimal apache installation with php and mysql , under user aolex that has permissions on system . advantages :

- you may use any apache/mysql/php version you want , panel is independent !
- you don't have to disable safe_mode and other security measures
- you don't need extra tools and modules for the panel to work
- panel runs under user aolex , permissions can be easely managed
etc. ...

however , i have a few questions ! i will use port 2484 on apache (so the 2 installations will not interfer with each other) . i will use another port for mysql (so the panel sql server is different than the "local" one) and i will use php 4.3.11 . the problem is here :

if i have 2 php installations (separate) , can i have 2 php.ini files ? how will php know wich is the good php.ini ?

please clear my mind
thank you

screenshots of panel :P :



there will be a reseller level too , under dev . and the modules are a little changed (few modules more) because the screens are alpha versions :P
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