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The code really hasnt been dramatically changed ... What i meant was a complete rewrite of the system, the idea being that all the requests would go through central page parsers, so that everything is handled, and secured through a singular page, which would mean "anonymous" URL's, and direct action logging through the headers being sent to the main page parser.

With this in place, it'd be so much easier to then put all the other systems in place -> the encryption and whatever. Although, i'm still juggling with the idea which is more secure -> actual accounts within the Operating system, or accounts in Tables, of course, with tables, they could be individually and dynamically encoded, or hashed so there's a security bonus in that, and that their secluded away from the actual system.

Hmm, i'll work on it, but at the moment, i'm working on the installer to interactively & automatically download the components after wget is installed, so that the versions are the latest, and that the people don't have to download the entire package with things they may already have installed

so, back to work on that, then i'll get cracking on the frontend & webapp installer!

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