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yup.. thanx bro..

I do see an answer section... for all of my domains..
and port 53 isn't blocked.. Checked it out thru the port scan ISPConfig has..

I tried putting what i believe is a catchall symbol, the @ sign as my A Name
then i put www as my CNAME and pointed it towards the A Name with the @ sign.

For my domains, it's all virtual at the moment, oni one of the domains has been purchased... For the purchased one in this LAN environment, anything other than www.domain.tld or domain.tld will somehow point back to the real, external IP where the real domain points to...

What happened to the catchall symbol?

For the other unpurchased domains, only unpurchaseddomain.tld points my browser to the webhost regardless of wat i put in the ISPConfig's DNS Management thingy.. www.unpurchaseddomain.tld does not work.

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