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You can get the code for the new framework from here:


For read access there is no password nescessary. I send you a email with the password for write access.


1) Copy the code to a php enabled webserver, the framework is tested on windows and linux with php4 and php5.
2) Create a mysql database and insert the sql dump that is in the sql directory
3) Edit the database and path settings in the file lib/

The login is admin:admin


- The base framework is finished and i added some empty modules.
- The module editor is working, the forms editor is work in progress. But the form definition files can be edited manually as well.
- Today i will make some demo forms, e.g. the clients form to show you how things can be done with the scrigo framework.

What I want to do the next days:

1) Finish the datasource feature for form elements (checkbox lists, option fields, etc) so they can get filled with data automatically from sql database queries and from custom functions.
2) Finish the code for the validators for form elements, currently only regex validation is supported
3) Implement the plugin feature, so custom form elements ca be implemented as plugins

I will try to make a roadmap for ISPConfig 3.x and put them on the forum for discussion.
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