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Default Reinstall of postfix, need config of ISPConfig

Hello Everybody,

First off, thank you for a wonderfull piece of software that made my life much easier. I've some questions however.
Because i already had some server running prior to the ispconfig install my server wasn't entirly confirm the ISPConfig setup. However i managed to get most working (at least apache, mysql etc).
In my pursuit to a good server i'm now trying to get postfix to interact with ISP Config. Because i reinstalled Postfix after the Postfix install i need to do some manual changes. Mainly the connection to the datbase i believe.

My question now is: is there anyone who can send me their and the files needed to connect to the mysql server. (don't forget to remove your own info, for your sake . Also, do i need to make some additional changes elsewhere?

Thank you already!

Ps. if i remove ISPConfig would i leave my running apache server intact? Perhaps i could try to remove ISPconfig, BIND, Postfix, Proftpd, because they are not in use by a production site. However Apache2 is...
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