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hi till,
The domain name of my LAN is abmsdomain.local (which in Windows terminology is the equivalent to .int). Previously I didn't realise the significance of that and how it worked in a practical sense. Thnx for the explaination.

So what you're saying is that in the HOSTS file, I can map more than one Domain Name to a single IP?


till, falko, and hans;
I really appreciate what you all are doing here, and in particular, all the time you all have spent answering my questions. I can't wait until I accumulate some knowledge so I can return something back. It doesn't make me feel good when I'm taking but not giving.

Also, I don't normally blow fuses in public, but I've been at this setup for so long now and it's been so painful, I couldn't hold back. Please understand that none of my comments were directed at any of the great people here.
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