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the story continues. (forget the password thing... maybe i have dust under a key that's causing it... it's intermittent... weird)

i was ready to close the book on this thing. i made it back to the 2.6.17-1.2187_FC5 kernel, dug around the nvidia settings and FINALLY got the nvidia-legacy driver to work... which i've now been testing by executing the following at the CLI:
 ]# nvidia-settings
i got into the NV-CONTROL but there wasn't really anything in there i felt i needed to change-- i just wanted to see it open successfully, which it did. i figured, by then-- i was using the newest kernel, and the appropriate nvidia driver was working-- it even booted w/out error! once. (maybe twice).

that's right-- just a couple boots all the way into the desktop using that configuration (a config which i thought for certain was sufficiently operable). since then, all i've got has been a blank screen (black) where typically the login-screen would appear-- just after the startup info is finished scrolling. i guess you could say, it makes it throught the startup process-- i even see the 'enable nvidia-legacy [OK]' during startup

so-- here i am, back at the 2.6.17-1.2157_FC5 kernel again-- i figured i could have booted into the newest, but i don't know how to manipulate the process... wait! would that be to put 'nv' in place of 'nvidia' in Xorg.conf? i'll try that-- but it still doesn't explain why it goes fine and then -boom- all of a sudden not working again.

if you have an extra moment, please take a look at the info i posted in regard to problems i'm having with yum not updating-- hasn't updated properly since sept. whether it's the cause of these problems, i don't know, but i'm certainly suspicious of it.

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