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Default DNS Conflicts (LAN vs WAN)

I have a problem I don't know how to overcome.

I am setting up a web dev LAMP server on my LAN.
I also have 3 other windows machines (one of them running W2K server that acts as the domain controller) and a router/firewall.
Incedentally, I have IIS running on that server with ASP, MS SQL2000, etc, and I didn't have to forfeit my life to set them up.

I have a cable connection to my ISP that is based on DHCP. I also use DHCP on my LAN (so the DNS settings from my ISP are propogated to all the machines).

In ISPConfig;
1) As admin, I have setup a Reseller using an arbitrary name (since there is not site required).
2a) As the above reseller, I have setup a Client (using the domain name of my Internet Web Site) and this entry is in the Clients folder.
2b) Also as the above reseller, I have setup a Site (using the host 'www', domain name '', and IP and this entry is in the Sites folder.

On my webdev machine, I look in the /var/www folder and I see 2 entries for what I've done above. I see a folder called 'web5' and a folder called ''. Why both? Did one get created for the Client and the other for the Site?

When I access the webdev machine in Firefox, I use the IP address because if I use the domain name, I end up at my Internet Web Site.
Using the IP address though gets me to a page that says that this IP is shared and that I have to supply the domain name.

I tried and but neither work.

How do all you experts overcome this problem?

If anyone out there who has done this before, I'm happy to open my firewall and forward the ports to this machine so you can have a look and help me set this up. I am also having a problem with HTTPS access to the web server and am getting no where in trying to solve the problem.

I've been working on this whole Debian Linux thing for a month and a half full-time and am getting really frustrated about how difficult it is to get anything done. So much so that I will say that whilst everyone complains about M$ (including me), I now see why they charge for their products. They work, and by comparision are really easy to setup.

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