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hey, thanks, Falko! yours is a 'new' approach to this nvidia module issue, vs other communities i've solicited w/ this problem. it's nice to hear a less single-minded viewpoint.

where would i want to look for which logs? ( not expecting you to have an exact PATh of course... but, are we talking about Yum log, KDE log... etc., which folder(s) of the Filesystem might begin a search to find 'em, etc)

unfortunately, i have no recollection of what were the true names of those CHMOD'd files... it was a bad call on my part-- i should have recorded those names-- at least via screencapture...

let's assume that i reach a dead-end w/ these logs.
the situation, as it stands: i have an 'older' Kernel. i have an unsupporting / unavailable nvidia module
must i get rid of that module first, or isn't it going to play a part in my application of a supporting module (nvidia module supporting the kernel).

why wouldnt i just go back to the other Kernel?
at this point, it won't book to that kernel, it's true-- but what i mean is-- why not simply "plug-in" the proper configuration so i CAN go back to that kernel / nvidia module? i just don't understand... if i was able to muck-it-up so easily-- why not un-muck it just as easy too? i have difficulty with it being so "permanently changed" that i can't just reverse it more easily.
i realize i'm speaking from ignorance, so please feel free to educate me about any of that. URL's are always appreciated too.


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