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Lightbulb Adding new ip's to server


I've been using ISPConfig for three months now and I must say it's a very nice package
Had no or little trouble on the way installing it but I noticed one thing tough.

I'm running it on fedora core 4, followed the perfect install, have everything working perfect. BUT, after manually adding new ip's from my ip range into the sysconfig files and NOT adding these to the ISPConfig system I ran into some trouble. I don't add these new IP's to the ISPConfig system because they are not for hosting related business.

When I restart the network, they seem to work properly, I can bind services to them, connect, the whole works... But after some time, the ip's seem to go down until I restart the network.

However, If I do add the ip's to the ISPConfig system, they don't seem to go down and stay up al the time.

Any solution for this?
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