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Originally Posted by till
Are you sure your domain resolves to the correct IP:
To the best of my knowledge it is setup correctly. I have had these sites up and running correctly for a couple months now. It all changed when I installed Apache2 again with PHP4. I installed Apache2 and PHP4 in /usr/local/apache2 and PHP4 in /usr/local/apache2/lib/php-4.4.0. The problem is, when I installed this new instance of Apache, it wrote to my main (original) Apache config file somehow. It put in random start statements containing "apachectl start". I removed everything in my main config file to get it to match my original config, but it left me in the situation I am currently at. One other thing I did was I copied the PHP4 ( over to my modules directory of the main Apache and changed the main config file to "LoadModule php4_module modules/" instead of PHP5...

I did stop the newly installed Apache service and restarted the main.

To the best of my knowledge, this is all that I did.

How do I confirm that my domains are being resolved properly?