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Default Some more quentions...


Thanks very much your answer. I solve the first question, and the third question I forward to my broadband provider.

I have three DNS entries register in Brasil Domain Register, but ISPConfig has only two options. What I have to do? Do I input in the named.conf.master?

Another question, how do I have do to in the Bind confs to solve this other problem?

ERROR: has a CNAME entry (>; it is not valid to have a CNAME entry entry for the hostname in an NS record (for See RFC1912 2.4 and RFC2181 10.3 for more information.
Note: This test checks with our local DNS server (since the NS record hostnames may not be handled by your DNS server), and therefore may be cached.

A put my name of DNS Server in A - sol IN A

Thanks again...

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