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Lightbulb lighttpd-Support

Hi! ... Thanx for such a great (and at least secure ;-) ) thing!

I just wanted to ask if you are working on lighttpd-support, because lighttpd is very fast and good configurable...

If you haven't started such a thing yet, I did it (only poorly, but effective...)

It's quite easy but effective:
- I made a PHP-Script to query my ispconfig-vhosts from mysql and return lighttpd configuration directives
- I added the script to my lighty-config (include_shell "/root/ispconfig/patchwork/lighttpd_vhosts.php")

And adapted the config to run under my webserver-user (www-data:www-data) ... Basically, that's it... I currently leave ispconfig and it's components untouched, but i would need to write some stuff that makes makes me .htaccess-files out of the "custom apache parameter" option... But that's not my no1 priority right now...

It would be pretty nice if you would offer something like this built-in, because it is unbeleavable easy, and ispconfig would then support a living alternative to the big big apache... ;-)
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