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Default ispconfig and external primary DNS

I have just installed ispconfig onto a dedicated machine only to discover that the DNS side of it operates outside our current DNS systems.

Enterprise appliance style network. This is where there is a dedicated (replicated) machine for every function. This means that we currently have our DNS structure in place on numerous dedicated servers. Our current policy states that no server will host more than a single function, and will be replicated as per policy. What I want to know is, “can ispconfig be configured to use these external DNS or do I have to setup the DNS on the ispconfig machine to replicate out to the primary (master) DNS server for further replication?” All of the DNS servers on the network are bind and do not use a database (conventional setup). I may need to look at using a database for our DNS, but this will mean yet another 2 (at a minimum) servers for the database/s.

I am trying to make life simple for myself given that we currently have a single point of entry (modification) into our DNS.

The ispconfig machines are currently sitting within a test environment separate from the production environment. So currently it doesn’t pose a problem.

Any comments would be most helpful at this point.


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