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I started reading through the links you gave me, but can you tell me if its basically possible to do this while still using ispcfg on debian:

have apache2 keep his existing setup and role as a primary server but have him proxy requests for static content to another server and requests for fastcgi to another server?

I will try first to get the part with the static content running on another small webserver going.

the problems I see are basically this:

apache2 is already fully working so I would only need to setup the proxy module for it and have it redirecting requests for i.e. images to the small webserver but that small webserver would need "a copy" of the vhost configuration of apache2 to know which sites and how it is serving, right?

now how would I go ahead and copy this config if I would use lighttpd as a server for static content??
basically the same as asked here:

oh and what about having a slim apache2 running in the background serving the static pages? I mean there I could just copy the vhost configurations, that would be the easieast to implement, abd I guess tehre would really be a noticeable difference as my apache2 processes usually have between 12 - 24 MB serving dynamic content...

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