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Originally Posted by falko
Any errors in the error log in /root/ispconfig/httpd/logs?
Nothing :-)

Originally Posted by falko
In which file? Have you been able to find out why the file handle is empty?
It is on line 25 of class.uebimiau_mail.php

I don't know why the handle is empty - there doesn't seem to be a problem with file permissions.

What bothers me is that there are not any test done to check for a valid handle and together with the other kind of vulnerabilities mentioned I don't have confidence in this software.

Originally Posted by falko
The ISPConfig Uebimiau package is the standard Uebimiaul package with a patched login procedure, so it contains all bugs that the official Uebimiau package has.
I think we are going to opt for RoundCube instead. I deleted the relevant Uebimiaul directories and used the install tool to install RoundCube. How can i get rid of the webmail entry in the ISPconfig interface panel ?

Although it is said that RoundCube only supports IMAP it appears to be doing fine with POP3 - except if I'm missing something somewhere.


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