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First off, thank you for replying.

1a) Please check that the domain is in none of the recycle bin's. If you find it there, empty the recycle bin.

1b) ISPConfig uses namebased vhosts. You must use the domain to connect to the vhost, not the IP. This means your domain must point with an A-Record to your server. If you server is behind a router, you must use your internal IP address for the website, not the erxternal IP.
1a) Did that. Still same problem. Saw in another post on the list that the vhosts could get corrupted and/or confused. removed the vhost file and removed the domains. rebooted server and readded the domains. Still same problem. Got annoyed and just removed the /sharedip lines in the top of the vhost file... added another domain... its working fine... ???!!!

1b) I do not use internal Ips. Behind firewall with a regular IP assigned.

Now have 4 domains running on this server. A little confusing HOW I got them to work.. but I did.

Is there any way to set up separate email boxes for users within domains, instead of the way its done now? I have some domains that client want "" and ", etc. Yet I can only have 1 INFO user. I can set aliases, but in the long run can confuse a user...

again.. great product!

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