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ARRGGHH!!!! lol

The install failed halfway last nite because of some missing dependancy called Bison... Darn it...

So i did a Yum Install of Bison... Bison installed OK

And i tried to do my Perl->install DB_File which still failed...

So i tot, what the heck, i might as well forget about that altogether.

So i deleted the isntall_ispconfig folder, reextracted it.. again... and ran SETUP.

ARggh!!! It failed at installing PHP.

Something about a lex command...

So i did yum install lex

apparently, there was no such program.

so i tried yum install flex...
and reran setup... i got up right till the mySQL part.... where i entered the wrong info!! DOH!!!!!!

The installation then stopped..

Anyway i can edit the info i inputted after the fact?
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