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Default I cant see the option

Originally Posted by Tenaka
I contacted falko to get paid support, but one last thing I tried seems to have fixed everything:

went to ispconfig, login as admin, went to the site that does not produce stat, went to options and below, unchecked saved the site, waited some minutes, checked it again and saveed the site again.

this seems to have helped me, since this morning my stats appeared again. I feel a bit like doing voodoo magic here, try this and pray, try that and pray
Dear Tenaka I getting crazy for webalizer that is not working. I tried to use admin interface, select the interested site then click on options but I cant see any itemto check/uncheck about webalizer. I suspect the problem is anywhere.

Looking into webalizer.php i discovered that there is a query on the table isp_isp_web, field: webalizer_stats but I have not this field. Then I added the field and set it to '1' withouth any result.

Could you help me please? Thank you!

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