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Default postfix/smtp/imap/tls problem - Starting again


Ok, since the last time I posted here, my hard drive failed and I had to re-install my system (backup was not pulled off machine yet). I have Ubuntu, Postfix, Courier (imap and pop3), tls, and would like to install spamassassin and clamav as well, but first have to solve a little problem.

I have users (two of them) who can login to the sytem from an external ip, but they cannot send from there. I can't even get an internal relay going if I use the external server address in their mail client. Again, they can retrieve mail, but cannot send. I thought that I had it all setup the way it was before, I even followed (by cut and paste) the perfect setup for Dapper, so have no idea what is wrong nor how to find it. I have perused days worth of mail and various other sources in my search throughout the internet to try and solve this myself, but find that I have to now come to you and whisper loudly HELP! (please)
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