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Default Configuring linux client to join Samba PDC

I'm a new linux user. All the while, I have been using the Windows.
After a friend recommended the goodness of linux, thus I wish to explore and experience it.

Currently, I have two computers. 1st computer (RHEL4) has setup a simple PDC by
using samba. What I did was creating a linux user and converted it to samba user. Thus, Windows XP (2nd computer) can join samba PDC and also can login to the computer by using the samba user.

After that I formatted my 2nd computer and installed linux (RHEL4), unfortunately the linux client cannot join domain and cannot login by using domain user (samba user). Firstly, how do I know it successfully join domain? for example, On Windows, it'll give you a message if successfully join domain. Secondly, How to configure linux client to login to the 2nd computer by using domain user?

Therefore,I'll very much appreciate if anyone kind enough to guide me.

many thanks,
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