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Question Is There A Way to Install Multiple Subdomains automatically?

Hi All,

I'm wondering if there is a way to create either a shell script, php script, or custom URL that will install multiple sub domains from a pre-defined list? (ex. - but I think the URL method is out because of the session ids...

I was able to successfully create a script with a dynamic URL for Cpanel that installed 15 sub domains across 20 different sites.

I'm wondering if this is possible with ISPconfig.

- Or, could I create a script that makes new folders in each site, and then have the script automatically write Apache directives to my OS that then point to the unique folders on a domain?

Basically, my goal is to sub-divide one domain into 10 mini-sites that can have their own cgi-bin, scripts, docs, etc...

Thanks in advance for any ideas...
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